If you are aware of any trips or organizations that are looking for PA volunteers, please let us know in the comments section or take a moment to register your organization. Please Note: it is not our desire to promote specific organizations only to connect PAs with opportunities and encourage professional philanthropy. This information is not an endorsement of these organizations.

Mountain Medics International

Clinic in Cordillera Huayhuash, Peru. www.mountainmedics.org

Christian Medical and Dental Assistance

Looking for mission volunteers. www.cmda.org

Hospitals of Hope

Year-Round Clinic work opportunities in Bolivia, Haiti, and Liberia. www.hospitalsofhope.org

Timmy Global Health

Looking for volunteers year-round. www.timmyglobalhealth.org

Health Volunteers Overseas

Looking for volunteers to train and educate local health care providers around the world. www.hvousa.org

Flying Samaritans Mexico

Looking for volunteers year-round for Baja California, Mexico.  www.flyingsamaritans.net

Heart to Heart International

Weekly trips to Hait and Guatemala. www.hearttoheart.org

Panama Global Connections

Schedules trips as volunteers become available. www.panamaglobalconnections.com

Nunoa Project

Two trips a year to Peru. www.nunoaproject.org

Amazon Promise

Medical trips to portions of the Amazon Basin. www.amazonpromise.org

Peacework Medical Projects

A mall non profit volunteer organization based in Phoenix, AZ.  Founded in January 2000, their goal remains simple: improve the health and wellbeing of rural and indigent communities through the service of medical volunteer teams. www.peaceworkmedical.com

Project Hope

land based and ship-based care to regions around the world. www.projecthope.org

Health Horizon International

Building a new vision of primary health care and community health in the Dominican Republic. www.hhidr.org

Palmetto Medical Initiative

PMI exists to provide sustainable, quality healthcare to those in need while increasing accessibility to global medical missions. www.palmettomedical.org

The Carolina Honduras Health Foundation

Limón, Honduras. Active clinic, frequent need for medical volunteers. www.carolinahonduras.org

Community Coalition For Haiti

Need for medical professionals for 1-2 week trips to staff a primary clinicin Jacmel, Haiti. www.cchaiti.org

Benjamin Wellness Center

Opportunities in Gatamaiyu, Kenya. www.benjaminwellness.org

Exploration Logistics

Places PAs worldwide to serve as medical support for various expeditions. Positions include oil rigs and other industrial projects, etc. www.elgfze.com

Medical Missions Response

Trips to North Africa, Middle East, South Asia, East Asia. www.mmronline.org


Trips to Ecuador and Haiti Contact: [email protected] www.healthechildren.us

Africa Cancer Care Inc

International opportunities with an oncology focus. www.africacancercareinc.org

ICHA Outreach to fight Cardiovascular Disease

Opportunities in Ghana. www.ichaonline.org


Assists different professions with placement internationally. www.goabroad.com

Flying Doctors of America

Provides medical assistance and hope to as many of the poor and needy as they are able to reach. Medical & dental teams to wherever the current need is. www.fdoamerica.org


Works in two locations: on the shores of Lake Victoria in Kenya and in a rain-forest in Ethiopia. Goals are clinical medicine, coupled with public health, and working with local physicians. www.lalmba.org

WellShare International

International and domestic opportunities world wide. www.wellshareinternational.org

FIMRC Global Health Volunteer Program

Opportunities in El Salvador, Nicaragua, Peru, Costa  Rica, India, and Uganda. www.fimrc.org

Rotations and Courses Internationally

www.gorgas.dom.uab.edu and www.cugh.org

Operation Smiles

providing surgeries around the world. www.operationsmile.org

International Medical Relief

Currently recruiting for a trip to Pakistan. Also trips to Asia, Africa, South & Central America, Eastern Europe. www.internationalmedicalrelief.org


NYC Medics, Physicians for Peace, and Mercy Ships are organizations that are looking for volunteers.

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