Caliburn International

  • Recruiting for immediate deployment to Brooklyn, NY

  • Travel and housing is provided

  • $175/hr + overtime

  • Website for more details


Northwell Health

  • Looking for temporary assistance in hospitals and at testing sites located throughout Long Island, NYC and Westchester County.

  • 13hr shifts @ $80/hr

  • Email [email protected] for more information


Krucial Staffing

  • Deployment to NYC

  • 21 day minimum

  • Includes travel reimbursement and food stipend

  • See flyer -->


California Health Corps

  • *Need to have a California license to practice

  • Register and get details for staffing on wesbite

  • Website for details


Samaritan's Purse

  • *Religious organization,  only Christian volunteers

  • Field hospitals in NYC and Italy

  • All expenses paid (travel, lodging and meals)

  • See COVID response website


Additional Resources


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