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PAs for Global Health (PAGH) is a grassroots non-profit organization working to meet the needs of PAs interested in working in medically under served areas around the globe.

There is a tremendous amount of interest in volunteering, global health, and the PA role in the international arena. PAGH was designated by the AAPA to handle many of these issues. We are the only PA organization of this type and are working to organize and centralize the PA profession and support individual PAs in their efforts.

PAGH is a completely volunteer-run and member funded. We can do great things through the power of teamwork!

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Join our community and connect with over 500+ PAs interested in global health and medicine. Make a professional profile on our database and chat with members about job opportunities, PA travel, and local developments in the profession.

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As a member you will have access to exclusive information about PA travel links, opportunities and more. Our organization can provide you with helpful tools to get your global health goals started!

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Whether for volunteer or permanent career, PAs have a role within healthcare systems all across the globe. Join and not only become educated on countries that utilize PA or PA equivalent providers but also travel and contribute to medical relief abroad.

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