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Feel free to contact us anytime with questions or suggestions. If you want to tell us about an organization that uses PA's please drop us a line and we will make sure to list it in our resource page. Facebook is also a great arena for discussions with other like minded PAs.


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A Message from the Immediate Past President...

hauptman We Need You!
"Are you looking for volunteer opportunities? Want us to be more of a resource? Want to see more opportunities for PAs? To be more abreast of what is happening in the world, and developments such as Haiti?" - Jacob Hauptman

PAGH Board

  1. President -  Jessica Roberts
  2. Immediate past president - Jacob Hauptman
  3. Vice President - Johnna Jaynstein
  4. Treasurer - Jamie Weis
  5. Secretary - Ismah Jawed
  6. CME Chair - Zehra Ahmed
  7. Membership Chair - Kristen Dollahite
  8. Student Representative - Scott Foss
  9. Cultural Competencies & Health Care Disparities Chair- Chad Eventide
  10. Web Chair - Stephen Pasquini ([email protected])
  11. Scholarship Committee Chair - Joanne Melson
  12. NEXUS editor- Danielle Dorey
  13. Fundraising Committee Chair - OPEN
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