Are you interested in becoming an Advocate Volunteer with Fund for Global Health?

Fund for Global Health is seeking volunteers to be trained and supported in effective citizen advocacy with the U.S. Congress on behalf of some of the most cost-effective and needed global health programs.  We are looking for people whose Representative or Senator is a member of one of the subcommittees that appropriate foreign aid funds.  To see if your Representative or Senator is on one of these subcommittees, please click on these House and Senate links.

The goal of this volunteer opportunity is to have Representatives and Senators on the State and Foreign Operations Subcommittee of Appropriations support the funding increases for U.S. global health programs addressing Maternal and Child Health, Tuberculosis, and immunizations through GAVI, the Vaccine Alliance.  The time commitment is approximately 5-10 hours a week for at least 4 months.  We will provide ongoing training and support for the activities below.

Prepare yourself and engage in lobbying

Research your Representative or Senator to see how you might pitch the benefits of U.S. foreign assistance for global health.

Learn about the programs for which we’re advocating and write a personal email to your Representative or Senator on the SFOPS subcommittee.  Copy the relevant staffer in the DC office and request a phone appointment with them to discuss your letter.

Write your own “laser talks” on the issues.  Laser talks are a learning tool to help you internalize what you want to say.  Practice saying them out loud, until they come naturally.  A good 60-second laser talk uses clear information and moving examples to have an impact.

Follow up with one or more phone calls to the relevant staffer.

Look for allies in your Congressional District/state - people and organizations who might join you in advocacy, for example by writing their own letters or by lending the name of their organization as a supporter.

Request a meeting with the Representative/Senator.  If a meeting is declined at first, developing a good relationship with the staffer will help get a meeting with their boss.


The State and Foreign Operations Subcommittees in the past have marked up their bills around June or July, so our work needs to be done before that.  In the nearer term, we’d like Representatives on the House subcommittee to convey their support for these programs and funding levels to Chairman Hal Rogers as soon as possible.  There has been strong bipartisan support for these programs, but Mr. Rogers is new as the chair, so he may not be familiar with what his committee members have supported over many years.  There will be a Congressional recess April 7-24, two weeks in which you could try for an in-person appointment with your Rep or Senator in their local office to make your case and get their views.  The House (but not the Senate) will have another recess May 5-15.

So here’s a timeline of when we’d like to get these steps done:

  1. Asap: Ask House members to speak to SFOPS Chair Hal Rogers in support of these global health programs
  2. April 7-24: House/Senate recess is a chance to meet Reps/Sens in the local office
  3. May 5-15: House (only) has another recess
  4. June-July: Probable subcommittee markup of SFOPS bill


If your Representative or Senator is on one of these subcommittees, you have a unique and important opportunity to make a difference for global health funding, bringing your experience as a medical professional who may have provided care in less-fortunate countries.  Please consider joining our team!

For more information, please contact:

Keith Johnson, Director of Advocacy: [email protected]

Read the flyer below for more information about what initiatives the Global Health Fund supports. FFGH Action Sheet 2017


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