In the United States, we often tend to think of the “global health movement” as an effort to improve the health of those in Third World countries. In reality, the health of all humans on the planet, including Americans, is crucial for us to address. Although we as providers can still dedicate much of our efforts to areas of the world that need it most, we must not forget those in the United States. Whether its on a local level or a national level, your interest in global health can be applied in our very own country.
Undeniably there are those in our neighborhoods who can benefit from the knowledge or skills that we possess. This gesture can be as simple as updating a parent on the importance of the pertussis vaccine to help combat the current epidemic. It can be fun, such as volunteering some of your time at a local boys and girls club to spend time with children and help combat childhood obesity. It can be as extensive as starting a low-income clinic to serve those in need. Whatever the cause, your time and experience can help those around you.
I encourage each of our members to continue to place part of their attention on the health of those individuals in the United States. By ensuring the well-being of those around us we can more easily and safely turn our attention to international medical relief. In the end, your experiences helping those in need in the United States can make you more of an asset to those that need your assistance in other countries.

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