Vacant Board Positions!

Membership Chair:

  • Responsibilities:
    • Log new PAGH members into Excel database, Gmail and Mail Chimp contact lists.
    • Send new members welcome email with the latest version of our quarterly NEXUS.
    • Maintain up to date email distribution lists
    • Work with the board of directors to facilitate membership expansion
    • Length of Position : 2 years

Student Liaison:

  • Responsibilities:
    • Solicit "Student Corner" articles for NEXUS; sources include scholarship winners, and other PA student members. Articles are distributed to the Director of Publicity for publication in the quarterly NEXUS.
    • Work with IFPACs and other student global health groups to organize monthly webinars and increase PA student involvement
    • Assist the Director of Publicity with social media responsibilities, including sharing posts on Facebook and Instagram. Potential content includes photos from our conferences, new relevant volunteer/employment opportunities, research articles and news updates.
    • Length of Position: 1 year

Mentee Positions:

  • Responsibilities:
    • Attend monthly board meetings via Zoom to learn about each board member position.
    • Identify a board position of interest; work with the respective board member to learn more about the responsibilities of the position and assist in responsibilities. This position is designed to be taken over completely as former board members retire from the organization.
    • Assist with PAGH conference planning, webinars, AAPA conference events and other brainstorming activities.
    • Length of Position: 1 year

All board members must have a working knowledge of the international opportunities listed in our database. All board members must be able to assist any member with questions about international opportunities, especially when representing the organization at the annual AAPA or PAGH conferences.

If you have any interest in these positions, please do not hesitate to apply. If you are not voted into that position then you are still welcome to contribute to the success of the organization, by staying on as a committee member or an assistant to the position. Having a larger pool of people getting involved in PAGH will make us stronger as an organization! To apply simply send in your CV and a one paragraph statement as to why you believe you are a good candidate for the position to [email protected]



We're not around right now. But you can send us an email and we'll get back to you, asap.

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