Hospital and Rehabilitation Centre for Disabled Children

Non profit in Nepal

Recommends volunteers come for 4 weeks and allow 2 weeks of travel time to enjoy the region.

$200/week donation to HRDC + $200/week for food/lodging

Contact: or [email protected]




Looking for PAs to be exposed to Pediatric Oncology

B P Koirala Memorial Cancer Hospital (BPKMCH) is the first national cancer center of its kind for the fight against cancer in Nepal.

"The felt need of the hour was a competent establishment that would be able to fulfill the need of the people of Nepal. In a country rife with poverty, illiteracy the harsh geographical terrain and an almost negligible access to basic health facilities, this institution is envisioned to bridge that gap. Though there are no national survey records, it is estimated that deaths due to cancer are approximated at 120 per 100,000. And the assumption is that there are 35000 to 40000 cancer patients in the country at any given space of time. This hospital provide high quality services for the prevention, diagnosis, treatment and research on Cancer, and to gain self-reliance in human resource required for the same"


Earle Canfield at [email protected]



ANSWER (American-Nepali Student and Women's Educational Relief)

ANSWER is a nonprofit, non-partisan, non-religious organization that believes in empowering low caste children by introducing them to quality education.

"Education for us does not mean literacy nor basic education, but 12-15 years of education through college with careful academic and career counseling (which we alone provide–an otherwise unknown entity in Nepal)."

[email protected]


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