Amazon Promise
  • Location: Amazon

  • Organizes two week trips limited to 7 volunteers per trip. Remote medical teams travel by plane, helicopter, and boat. All volunteers must be in good physical condition and have camped through rough terrain.

  • 2020 Dates:

    • 5/16-5/30 Located in native Achuar, Quechua, Awajun or Shawi native communities. Limited to 7 volunteers, open to all medical professionals

    • 7/25-8/8 Yarapa, lower Ucayali and lower Maranon River communities with 2 days of clinics held in impoverished neighborhoods outside of Iquitos. Open to all medical professionals, lodge based. Spaces fill quickly so get your application in!

    • 10/10-10/24 Two weeks located in native Achuar, Quechua, Awajun or Shawi native communities. Limited to 7 volunteers, open to all medical professionals.

  • Application:

  • Cost:

    • One Week Expedition- $1,300

    • Two Week Expedition- $2,400

    • Three Week Expedition- $3,000

  • All personal financial contributions are tax deductible. This organization supports fundraising to cover expenses. Feel free to email [email protected] for fundraising tips

  • All volunteers must provide Amazon Promise with proof of medical evacuation insurance prior to departure to Peru.  We suggest (cost is approximately $3 to $5 per day depending on traveler's age)

  • Medical volunteers: Attach resume and copy of current license/registration. If retired, attach diploma/certificate.

  • Contact:    Jacqueline Carroll, Amazon Promise, PO Box #1304, Newburyport, MA 01950

  • Email: [email protected]


Carolina Honduras Health Foundation
  • The goal of this program is to ensure that patients receive the medical, dental and ophthalmic care they need. Often patients cannot afford the cost of transportation to the city where the team is working. At times in the Honduran hospital system, specialized medical care is provided after the patient pays for necessary medical tests. Thus, travel funds may be provided to the patient and CHHF will arrange payment for specialists or specific medical testing.

  • Through your support, referrals for many medical conditions not treatable though our clinic are made. Active cases currently awaiting treatment include general surgery, neurology, urology, and cataract surgery.

  • Up to 19 volunteer medical, dental and ophthalmic teams provide much needed care to help those in need in Honduras every year.  Every team needs a variety of healthcare and non-healthcare professionals (including a maintenance team!) to successfully work for a week. There are mission team roles for everyone!

  • The Limón Clinic (the base for all volunteers) and Whispering Hope Clinic are the two main sites. It provides living accommodations, and the medical, dental, laboratory and pharmacy facilities to serve patients from Limón and surrounding villages.

  • 2020 Dates: 

  • Required to have traveler’s insurance. Company recommends : Gallagher Travel Ins

  • Application:

  • Contact:     Peggy Hook, Team Coordinator

  • Phone: 757-220-2142, Email: [email protected]


Children of the Americas   (COTA)
  • Intraoperative work. Total of 6 active ORs running. Option of working in 24h hospital setting or clinic. Additionally, work with orthotics and prosthetics. No significant hiking or trekking involved. Hotel accommodation. Does involve long days.

  • Surgical experience preferred.

  • Annually trips made in January

  • Location: Guatemala

  • Cost: approx. $120-150/wk for the hotel which will be booked for you (double occupancy), two meals a day

    • Out of Pocket: airfare can range from $350-800 depending on departure airport, dinner, translators on site, vaccinations (please be advised malaria/Zika may be present in the region but are not required), Travel/Evac insurance if desired (not required) 

  • Application: send interest to the contact below to apply

  •  Contact:    Children of the Americas, Rosemary Vance, Team Coordinator,  838 East High Street #282, Lexington, KY 40502

  • Email: [email protected] (Primary)   / [email protected]


Flying Samaritans Mexico
  • A volunteer organization which operates free medical clinics in Baja California, Mexico. Specialists that can assist in care that does not require hospitalizations is predominantly needed. However, surgeons and specialists in the local hospitals are also useful.

  • US Citizens: do not require a VISA, must have up to date passport

  • Non-US Citizens: must ask the Mexican Consulate prior to travel whether you need a special VISA or Permit. Be sure to have your I90 or Green Card with you for re-entry to the USA

  • Costs:  hotel room $20-40 (share), food without alcoholic beverages $15-25/day, Fuel/airport costs $100-250

    • Out of Pocket Costs: VISA, tourist/departure fees, hotel room and meals

  • The Trip Coordinator will pre-book your hotel room and set it up for a share with another person of the same gender.

  • Scheduling a trip: Contact your chosen specialty coordinator at least 3 weeks in advance of the clinic date

  • Contact:    Victor Jones, Co-President- IBOD, 23161 Mill Creek Dr. Laguna Hills, CA 92653

  • Phone: 949-583-9500 / 714-612-6529


Guatemala Village Health


Health Talents International
  • This organizations ministry has made efforts to meet the wide range of patient needs including physical, mental, social and spiritual. During the course of daily clinics, it is their job to identify patients in need of surgeries. The clinics within the communities also are used for health promoter training and community development classes. Approx 12 teams per year travel.

  • Housing consists of dormitories with communal bathroom, large commercial kitchen and dining area

  • Involves medical/dental clinics and three surgical suites with a 50+ bed ward, exam rooms/pharmacy/lab during surgical clinics.

  • Locations: Guatemala, Nicaragua

  • Cost: $700-750 for Guatemala, $900 for Nicaragua🡪 includes all food, housing, ground transportation, medical supplies.

    • Out of Pocket: travel insurance, vaccinations, flights (HTI members organize, however, full flight payment should be sent upon booking)

  • Trip Reservation form:

  • 2020/2021 Dates:

  • Trip info packet:

  • All physicians, CRNA’s, NP’s, PA’s and dentists need to submit a notarized copy of their professional credentials, including their license AND diploma from highest level of learning.  Please follow the steps below meticulously and provide this information to Rick as soon as possible once you have registered.

  • Contact:      Rick Harper, Executive Director, Health Talents International, PO Box 8303, Searcy, AR 72245

  • Phone: 501-278-9415, Email: [email protected]

  • Team Coordinator = [email protected], Phone: 757-220-2142


Mountain Medics International
  • Teaming volunteers with local doctors and nurses that know most about the region and culture, facilitate medical - dental mission trips involving free clinics to communities with little access or funds to obtain care.

  • "Our participants must be ready to take on anything, from clinic set-up and take-down to working in the pharmacy, interpreting, making house visits or referring patients that require better diagnosis, hospitalization or surgery to facilities outside of their village. We then document and analyze our diagnoses and treatments, returning to the same areas year after year to encourage preventative health and study progress."

  • 4/18 – 4/25  MACHU PICCHU, PERU

    • Involves no camping and is at medium altitude. Time is set aside to visit Machu Picchu and Cuzco as well as a day to rest. You arrive via bus to all medical centers

    • Cost Includes: all meals, transport, horse and burro support, camping costs and fees associated with the campaign.

      • Out of Pocket: flights to Peru, meals in town, optional side excursions

  • 4/26 – 5/2    MACHU PICCHU CUENCAS, PERU

    • Involves no camping and is at lower altitude in Santa Theresa. There is no trekking involved unless you decide to optionally

    • Cost Includes: land travel costs, shared lodging and most meals once you arrive in Cuzco, medicines/supplies associated with the trip

      • Out of Pocket: flights to Peru, meals in town, optional side excursions, tips to guides, park entrance fees


      • Most Demanding Project *** Involves a supported trek circling the entire Huayhuash range. Hiking at elevations over 13,000ft and spending nights in scenic camps and remote villages. MUST BE QUALIFIED PHYSICALLY TO JOIN THIS TRIP.

      • Cost Includes: land travel costs, shared lodging, all meals, transport, horse and burro support, camping costs and community fees associated with the circuit/trail.

        • Out of Pocket: flights to Peru, meals in town, optional side excursions, tips to guides, park entrance fees

  • Contact:     Mountain Medics International, PO Box 150682 Denver, CO 80215-0682

  • Phone: 303-647-1404, Fax: 815-361-2925


Project Belize
  • Willing to consider both licensed PAs and PA Student.
  • This organization encompasses adventurous medical professionals who are looking to provide medical and dental care to the Mayan population in Belize. These missions are self-sustaining by the memberships for each year’s trips.
  • Location: Belize
  • 2020 Dates:
    • 5/17- 5/28  Currently deadline for this trip has passed, updates for the remainder of 2020 to follow soon
  • Health Form/ Application:
  • NOTE FROM ORGANIZATION: ***Heat tolerance and the ability to walk hills in high humidity is a requirement and get along well with a group. The issue of personal fitness matching the needs of the hikes is important in ensuring no one is hurt as this could detract from the mission of the group and put oneself and others in harm’s way. Consider a typical hike to include walking across uneven and muddy terrain up and down hills in 90 plus degree heat with 90 plus humidity, carrying a 15 to 20 lb pack for up to 3 hours. If this gives you pause, you should explore other opportunities.
  • Contact:    Bruce McNellie/Pam Muller, 737 Silver Lake, Monticello, FL 32344
  • Phone: 936-371-2910, Email: [email protected] / [email protected]


Shoulder to Shoulder
  • An organization that is actively involved in Global Health year-round. Running 20 community health centers and 3 birthing centers, augmenting normal care programs.

  • Can form a group brigade with your University/Program Director or can join a brigade. No specific experience requirements. Trips are done in association with University Partnerships. If traveling alone, you can join one of the groups registered to travel. Trips run monthly with approximately 12-15 people per group.

  • Location: Honduras

  • Duration: 1-2 week for brigade members (any time frame from 9days-12days), Short Term Volunteer duration can extend up to 3mo.

  • There is a 6 hour bus trip to and from airport to the location with the first and last day being overnight stays in a local hotel.  Due to remote location, gangs/drugs is not a major concern. Extreme poverty, poor infrastructure and lack of opportunities for making a living for local people is what you will experience.

  • Cost:  approx. $850-1100 depending on length of stay and number of travelers in the group🡪 includes ground transportation from airport, food, lodging, translators, all in country travel to medical clinics, on-site Brigade Coordinator

    • Out of Pocket: flights/visa

    • No vaccines required for Honduras, although it is suggested to have all general vaccinations up to date

  • The organization will purchase travel/evac insurance for you if you are not associated with universities. No malpractice is necessary.

  • Requires a letter to customs for travel:

  • Must sign a waiver of liability if interested:

  • Application:


Timmy Global
  • 7-10 day duration, primary health provisions

  • As a provider you will see up to 25 patients per day with a variety of illnesses. You will work along with student/general volunteer as a scribe and a translator

  • Most trips take along anywhere between 4-6 MDs/DOs/NPs/Pas

  • Accommodations range from hotel to hostel to retreat center

  • Location: Ecuador, Guatemala, Dominican Republic

  • Cost: $1,100-1,385 depending on location

    • Includes all lodging, food, in country transport, and STM insurance

    • Out of Pocket: flights not included, liability insurance not required

  • Organization offers Scholarship opportunity to a student showing excellent potential or academic success in global health. Must demonstrate a level of financial need, interest in global health, history of volunteerism, and thoughtful career plans. To apply:

  • Application/Registration:

  • 2020 Dates:

    • Ecuador        3/7-3/15    Santo Domingo

    • Dominican Republic    3/7-3/14    Mao

    • Ecuador        3/13-3/22    Guangaje

    • Dominican Republic     3/14-3/21    Monte Cristi

    • Ecuador        3/14-3/22    Quito

    • Guatemala         3/14-3/22    Xela

    • Guatemala        5/16-5/24    Xela

    • Ecuador         5/23-5/31    Quito

    • Ecuador        5/23-5/31    Santo Domingo

    • Ecuador        6/12-6/21    Guangaje

    • Ecuador        7/31-8/9    Chontapunta

    • Ecuador         8/1-8/9        Quito

    • Dominican Republic    8/1-8/9        Monte Cristi

    • Guatemala        8/1-8/9        Xela

    • Ecuador        8/1-8/9        Santo Domingo

    • Dominican Republic    8/15-8/23    Mao

  • Contact:     Victoria Eder, Service Trip Coordinator, Timmy Global Health, 22 E 22nd street, Indianapolis, IN 46202

  • Phone: 317-920-1822  ext 6, Email: [email protected]


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