Bring Good New International 
  • Location: Thailand/ Myanmar

  • Medical / healthcare/ education

  • Healthcare professionals to assist with hands-on medical care. Those professionals who like to teach will lead the health lessons Health seminars are conducted with partnership with local churches. Local healthcare worker education and collaboration

  • In Thailand, you will be working primarily with refugees from Myanmar, in Myanmar will be working in local villages

  • Allows individual travelers and groups max of 12 persons

  • Also travels to Kenya and Honduras trips TBA for Winter 2021

  • Contact: Rick Wolford: PO Box 502591, Indianapolis, IN 46250

  • Phone: 317-435-2595, Email: [email protected]

Children of Armenia Fund
  • An organization that works to secure a future for children in Armenias impoverished rural villages through improved education, healthcare and improved economic conditions.

  • Looking specifically for those skilled in healthcare at this time

  • Providing medical education to local practitioners and running health clinics to support disease prevention, encouraging healthy behaviors that promote the well-being of the entire community

  • Duration: minimum of 1 mo

  • Pricing information and requirements provided upon application.

  • Contact: COAF NYC Office, 149 5th Avenue Suite 500, New York NY 10010

  • Phone: 212-994-8234,

Global Aid Network (GAiN)

  • Locations: India, Cambodia, Phillipines

  • Provides medical clinics in rural areas to those in need in some of the poorest areas. Involves travel from village to village to provide healthcare to all those living in poverty.

  • 2020 Dates ALL CANCELLED

  • 2021 Dates:

  • May 30-June 13 Phillipines

  • Contact: GAiN Australia Head Office (Sydney), Shop 1, 106-108 Merrylands Road, Merrylands NSW 2160

  • Phone: (02) 8859 0410

[email protected]

  • Expanding health education to a community with multiple health issues and children in rural Cambodian schools Hygiene health, overall body health. Designed for those with medical background

  • Locations: Cambodia, Sri Lanka, Vietnam (also intermittent Zambia, South America)

  • Cambodia

    • Duration: 1-8weeks

    • You choose your dates and duration

    • Cost: $660 and up depending on dates and duration

  • Sri Lanka

    • Duration: 1-12weeks

    • You choose your dates and duration

    • Cost: $980 and up depending on dates and duration

  • Vietnam

    • Duration: 1-2weeks

    • Involves more shadowing. May be better for PA-S than practicing professionals

    • Cost: $620 and up depending on dates and duration

  • All trips include: accommodations, 3 meals per day weekdays, 2 per day weekends, airport pickup on arrival, orientation and 24/7 support/ travel guidance

  • Out of pocket: flights, visas , travel health ins, personal expenses

  • Contact: Go Eco, Phone 646-240-4545, Email: [email protected]

Go InterNational 
  • Provide medical care to the people with minimal access. Providing outpatient medical care, eyeglasses, medications, and health education.

  • Location: Nepal

  • Dates: 10/1-10/13, 2020

  • Personnel desired: MDs, PAs, NPs, RNs, and pharmacists

  • $1520, includes lodging / meals, in country transport, and travel ins

  • Out of pocket, VISA, airfare, vaccines

  • Apply HERE

  • Contact: Dr. Larry Frick and Luke Long (Trip Leaders)

  • Phone: 859-858-3171, Email: [email protected]

Rahabs Rope
  • Location: India

    • Goa: 12/28/20-1/8/21

    • Mumbai/Bangalore Split: 12/28/20-1/8/21

    • Mumbai: 1/4/21-1/15/21

    • Bangalore: TBA

    • Manipur: TBA

  • $3500 includes lodging, meals, inter country travel, airfare, limited sightseeing, team T-shirt, and journal, med supplies/medicines, national doctor fees

  • Manipur high rate of drug addiction and trafficked women. Offering drug detox and rehab program from women with trafficking background

  • Provide care for children in the local preschool, set up clinics in local villages for women and children at risk with limited access to doctors, healthcare education

  • Contact: Elizabeth Hamilton, Rehab’s Rope, 118 Washington St. NW, Gainesville, GA 30501

  • Phone: 678-707-7055 Email: [email protected]

Medical trek Nepal
  • Contact:  Trekt Adventures, Medical Trek

  • Phone: 407-519-8711/407-361-9969

  • Email: [email protected]


Tsum Valley Medical Mission
  • Trip Experience: camping/trek, not good for those afraid of heights. Involves traveling to multiple villages and into the mountains to the monasteries.  Trek can last 6-7h and involve uphill movement. Trips usually in the months of April/May/October.

  • Involves complete H&Ps, clinical evaluation, and education of the local people for sustainable care. Those involved or knowledgeable about holistic medicine will get extra consideration.

  • Duration: 14-17 days

  • Location: Nepal

  • Cost: $ Varies depending on number of people and whether or not a helicopter to fly members in and out of the valley is used by the team (helicopter cost is approx. $1,800-$2,000 each way which gets split by all members of the group)

    • Includes accommodation, food (prepared by the locals), translators, ground support, porter fees for person carrying your backpack

    • Out of pocket cost: flights, travel/evac insurance, vaccines (typhoid required, rabies optional, TdaP in  last 5 years and 1x IM polio vaccine suggested as well as diarrhea prophylaxis. 

  • Can purchase visa on arrival to airport:  50 USD for < 30 days, 100 USD for > 1mo

  • Application: contact Rachel Frazin in order to apply below. Interview process is required either in person or via visual/audio means (skype, internet, etc)

  • Contact:    Rachel Frazin, Tsum Valley Medical Mission c/o 1841 Dayton Ave, St. Paul, Minnesota 55104

  • Phone:  651-644-4540, Email[email protected]


United Planet
  • This organization believes that human beings can create a global community, on relationship at a time. They are committed to a vision of the world that emphasizes community over conflict, collaboration and cooperation over disagreement and strife, the unity of humankind.

  • Location: Philippines, Honduras

  • Duration: mid-term 1-16 weeks, long-term 6-12months

  • Cost: Includes: pre-departure prep, housing, food, airport transfers, emergency insurance, pre-departure training, in country orientation, United Planet T-Shirt

  • Out of Pocket: flights to and from location, vaccines

  • Philippines $1,215-2,280 + airfare

  • Honduras $1,145-3,350 + airfare

  • ** $300.00 deposit due at time of enrollment, total payment due 1mo prior to departure

To Apply:

New Virtual Health Option! 

  • Cost: $600-2,400

  • Includes: personalized support in your project selection, training and project supervision, weekly reflection and cross-cultural training exercises, success plan and presentation, United Planet T-shirt, Certificate of Global Leadership upon completion, Reference Letter from United Planet and participating organization, be recognized as a Quest alumni to receive reduced program fees for in-person programs.

  • Time required: 10-40h/wk ** $300.00 deposit due at enrollment, total payment due 2 wks prior to beginning your program

  • Contact: United Planet, 256 Marginal St, Boston, MA 02128


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