PA Program International Rotation Database Welcome

PA Program International Rotation Database Welcome

Physician Assisants for Global Health is excited to offer a database of international rotation opportunities at individual physician assistant schools around the country. We hope that this can help support the goals of prospective PA students to focus their energies on programs whose opportunities align with their future international focus, as well as help current PA students network in order to create their own valuable educational opportunity.

This database provides some basic information such as country, length of rotation as well as other pertinent details regarding available international rotations through various PA programs around the country. It was adapted from information gathered and finalized in February of 2016 by the Student Association of the American Academy of Physician Assistants (SA-AAPA) during a joint venture with PAGH. As is common with PA programs, this information is highly variable year-to-year and for official, up-to-date information it is highly recommended you contact the PA program directly.

We are always happy to update or add information for a specific PA program. Please contact PAGH at:

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Please Note

This database is not comprehensive, the information gathered is for informational purposes only and has not been independently verified, and PAGH does not endorse nor promote any specific program but rather supports all activities which have the potential to improve global health. Use at your own discretion.

Our Purpose:

A global deficit of qualified health care professionals exists.

We are the only PA organization of this type designated by the AAPA working to organize and centralize the PA profession and support individual PA’s in their efforts.

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