Jessie Wilburn

About Me

I am a current PA-student at MCPHS University in Manchester, NH. I graduate in December 2019 and am currently in Rurrenbaque, Bolivia on a women’s health rotation at the Hospital San Buenaventura. I’m excited to be entering the medical field as a PA in a few short months, and very excited that I can kickstart my global health involvement in the midst of my clinical year of school.

Outside of PA school, I spend much of my time trail running, rock climbing, and mountain climbing. It is these activities that initially spurred my passion for health, and ultimately for global health. In 2010, I flew to Nepal by myself with the intention of spending time in the Nepalese mountains while trekking the Annapurna circuit. In doing so, I not was able to experience my first taste of life in a country outside of the USA, Canada, and Western Europe, but also saw firsthand the challenges to meeting even basic health needs in a country where villages are often multiple days walks from any semblance of healthcare.

My primary career goal in medicine is to work as an Emergency Medicine PA, hopefully in a region where I can also practice Wilderness Emergency Medicine as well. However, my interest in and passion for global health extends into my chosen career path and beyond. I hope to leverage my passion for global health to provide more empathetic and compassionate care to the differing cultures that co-exist within our own United States, as well as to continue traveling abroad as frequently as I can to provide medical care to the underserved populations in our world.

Global Health Experience

I am currently in Rurrenbaque, Bolivia completing my Women’s Health Clinical Rotation for my PA program. I am excited to learn more about the cultural nuances of women’s health throughout the next 5 weeks, as well as improving my Spanish speaking abilities.


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