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Johnna Jaynstein # Posted on January 12, 2016 at 8:59 pm Reply

Hey Carlee!
I noticed that there is not a lot of activity going on on many of these postings. You have a very valid request, and, while I do not have articles to send your way I have a suggestion. Perhaps put your request out on the PAGH facebook page? I know that more people tend to use this way of communication more freqently and there are over 1000 people who have “liked” the page. Perhaps a more thorough and more rapid response will come that way.

On other thoughts, New Zealand has done a two phase study on the possible impact that PAs may have on their country. I was able to find it through some diligent “google” searches. You may be able to access their research with a bit of hard work.

Other countries that have established PAs include the Netherlands. You may want to start your search there as well.

South Africa also has a couple programs going and are expanding. PAs are called Clinical Associates.

England has currently started a program to incorporate 100 or more US PAs into the health system. This project is current and is by the NHS. The University of East Anglia is also starting it’s first PA program, well, right about RIGHT NOW.

I hope this was helpful! I am in no ways an expert, and my suggestions are based off of minimal research, so please forgive me for slight misinformation!

Johnna Jaynstein, MMS, PA-C