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Manichanh # Posted on August 18, 2015 at 8:13 pm Reply

Well, practice plans with US based physicians is not applicable as it is applied to the state that in which licensure is obtained. My travel/work experience is limited to Nigeria and Guatemala. Work has been alongside local docs to “sign off” on work for legalities, (although legalities are non existent in remote sites).
I have had some discussion with persons in other countries. It might be possible to obtain licensure as a MD pending review of credentials and 2 years of chart review/audits.
In Guatemala, I’ve had a discussions with one medical director whom stated it might be possible for PAs to work at his hospital, but he would work under his name. Sort of how a medical resident does.
So outside of countries that formally recognize PAs, I think it is situational and specific to that country/region.

Hope that helps.