1. pasforglobalhealth

    PA INVEST 2014 in Amsterdam

    Dear friends and colleagues, To celebrate their 10th anniversary the Dutch Association of Physician Assistants (NAPA) is inviting physician assistants and PA educators from around the world to take part in the international congress, PA INVEST 2014. The conference will be held in Amsterdam, October 30, 31 & November 1, 2014. Here is a link to the website: PA Invest 2014 Hope to see you there! Cheers...
  2. pasforglobalhealth

    Student Corner: Lessons Learned From International Travel

    Becoming a PA has not always been a clear cut career for me. However, after three years since my college graduation, it became evident that this was the path for me. For many years I have had a desire to be involved in international health. Specifically in medical mission trips combined with health education. I am a strong believer that medicine without knowledge and application of that knowledge will not go far when the ultimate goal is to help medically deprived communities. This idea can also be applied to the general public as well. This dream has...
  3. Jacob Hauptman PA-C

    URGENT – Typhoon Haiyan Relief – Please Help if You Can

    Good day, All, As most of you already know, one of the most beautiful places in the world, Coron, Philippines, was greatly devastated by Typhoon Haiyan. The PA students have already collected medical supplies, food, clothing, and stuffed animals for the people of this area. They have also sent 2 large boxes of these supplies at a decreased cost through collaboration with a local organization. One of our PA students, Paula Purpera, coincidentally had already booked a trip to this area for mid-December. She is leaving the US on December 16th, arriving in Manila on December 18th and will acquire...
  4. Laura Erdman

    They Say The Hardest Step is The First One – Finding a Way to Volunteer Abroad

    They say the hardest step is the first one For most people, that statement holds an immense amount of truth. Think about any task that you have procrastinated in your life, nine times out of ten the reason it was put off was because you didn't know how to begin, or you may have had an idea, but it seemed overwhelming. This was the case for me as I began the task of finding a way to volunteer abroad. As a college student I knew I wanted to travel before I started PA school, but I was...
  5. pasforglobalhealth

    Meet Some of June’s Newest PAGH Members

    A big welcome to all our new PAGH members in June! We had about 30 new members and it was one of our busiest months to date!  We are getting very excited about our upcoming conference in September.  We have decided to post the profiles of select new members each month as a way to help you learn about your fellow PAGH members. We appreciate everyone who takes the time to tell us a bit about themselves, upload a photo or detail your past experiences. It is wonderful to know that so many PAs are out there...
  6. Emily Pilachowski PA-S

    A Student’s View: Guatemala

    Alysha Wilson, Arcadia University Interview by: Emily Pilachowski, PA-S This article was featured in the Nexus Newsletter June 2012 Alysha Wilson is a recent graduate from Arcadia University. During her clinical rotations she went to Guatemala for one month in the winter of 2011. She worked with Hearts in Motion, a group that does a number of health related projects in Central America. For more information about this group, visit . What did you do to prepare yourself for your trip and was it useful? I didn't do much to prepare for my trip because I was so busy with studying for school beforehand....
  7. philsuarez

    How Does a Disaster Relief Organization Get Boots on the Ground? The Logistics Behind the Scenes

    Article by: Phil Suarez, Director of Operations NYC Medics Disaster Response: Logistics Before an organization considers responding to a large scale international catastrophe, the organization must have set guidelines and operating procedures that details how the organization responds.  We, at NYC Medics (NYCM) refer back to these guidelines and bylaws as well as our experience to map out a successful deployment.  At the top of the list is always security.  The safety of the team is paramount to any organizational deployment. When a humanitarian crisis develops, usually after a catastrophic event, I first access all main media sources including...
  8. pasforglobalhealth

    A Student’s View: Puerto Plata Province, The Dominican Republic

    House calls are not just a thing of the past. This is just one of the things I learned from my month in the Puerto Plata province of the Dominican Republic (DR) this spring during my global health clinical rotation. It rained daily the first week as we walked in the muddy dirt streets on the way to the villages to see patients, and I vividly remember some of the sights that we passed. A dead dog on the side of the road one morning. Half-naked children playing in the mud. A woman walking with a massive bowl of peanuts balanced precariously on...
  9. pasforglobalhealth

    2013 PAGH Student Scholarship Application

    General Requirements: Current PAID PAGH member Applicants must be enrolled in an ARC-PA accredited Physician Assistant program Applicant cannot be a current PAGH board member or other employee or PAGH volunteer involved with financial decision making Applicants must send a letter from their university stating the applicant is in good standing with their academic institution Applicants must submit a written essay, minimum 500 words, addressing essay question listed below on application.  We advise the student covers topics such as international PA work ,working with underserved populations as a PA, educational objectives for going on such an international rotation,...