1. Laura Erdman

    East Africa for the Third Time – Changing the Way I Look at Global Health and Volunteering Abroad

    As we begin the year of 2014, and the excitement of the holiday season comes to a close, I find myself reflecting on all that has happened in the past year. 2013 brought many changes and adventures, one of which was the ability to return to east Africa for the third time! This trip was much different from my first two for many reasons, one of which was the fact that I had just completed my first year of PA school and was returning with a much expanded knowledge base to observe the medicine happening around me....
  2. pasforglobalhealth

    Physician Assistant Global Health Volunteer Opportunities

    Mountain Medics International Clinic in Cordillera Huayhuash, Peru. Christian Medical and Dental Assistance Looking for mission volunteers. Hospitals of Hope Year-Round Clinic work opportunities in Bolivia, Haiti, and Liberia. Timmy Global Health Looking for volunteers year-round. Health Volunteers Overseas Looking for volunteers to train and educate local health care providers around the world. Flying Samaritans Mexico Looking for volunteers year-round for Baja California, Mexico. Heart to Heart International Weekly trips to Hait and Guatemala. Panama Global Connections Schedules trips as volunteers become available. Nunoa Project Two trips a year...
  3. Emily Pilachowski PA-S

    A Student’s View: Guatemala

    Alysha Wilson, Arcadia University Interview by: Emily Pilachowski, PA-S This article was featured in the Nexus Newsletter June 2012 Alysha Wilson is a recent graduate from Arcadia University. During her clinical rotations she went to Guatemala for one month in the winter of 2011. She worked with Hearts in Motion, a group that does a number of health related projects in Central America. For more information about this group, visit . What did you do to prepare yourself for your trip and was it useful? I didn't do much to prepare for my trip because I was so busy with studying for school beforehand....