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PAGH members,

Please consider getting in contact with one of our PAGH members, Katie Sloter, if you are open to being interviewed based on your experience with global health work. Any experience you have with a particular country or organization would be valuable as we desire to piece together a database that can inform others of fellow PAs' experiences.

Katie has a background in Global Health and Human Rights and has experience writing for the University of Michigan School of Public Health. If you have found employment in a foreign context as a PA please contact her or let us know so we can share the knowledge with others. Our profession may have a history in the U.S. that has gained us positive recognition, but we are still a concept in development around the world. We would like to hear YOUR feedback from dealing with other NGOs and countries while working abroad.

PLEASE contact us with your name, place of international employment, PA school you have graduated from, and a photograph. to feature you on the PAGH website and newsletter. If you just want to share your experience as tips for others but don't want a formal phone interview or article, that is fine too.

Email with subject title "PA Interview" if you wish to assist with this project.

Thank you!

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