PAGH Board member & Chairperson Vacancies.

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Are you interested in becoming more active with PAGH?! Then please apply for one of our vacant leadership positions listed below:

A) President Elect- This position requires a minimum 3 year commitment which includes a 2 year stent as the President, with training from the Immediate Past President along the way as you learn the internal duties of running PAGH. After your 2 year term you will transition to being the Immediate Past President to ease the passage for the incoming President Elect and mentor him or her. During all these phases you have a crucial voting role on the board of PAGH for any major decisions made. As President you need to make sure the organization is running according to its bylaws, maintaining a healthy relationship with AAPA, and fulfilling all of its promises to PAGH members. This will include both a macro and micro understanding of all the functions of PAGH. You will need to commit to representing PAGH in at least one conference annually- the PAGH global health symposium and/or at the AAPA conference where you may need to serve as House of Delegate rep for the organization. You do not have to consider yourself THE authority on global health issues or even think of yourself as well-traveled. The goal is simply to have a general breadth of knowledge and be passionate about sharing the communally learned experiences of PAGH members with one another. If you have good leadership and networking skills then please apply for this critical position!

B) CME Chair- This position is crucial for our PAGH conference as we apply for Category 1 CME credit with AAPA. This year we hope there is enough interest in the position to have one chair head person with a committee to oversee that will aid in accomplishing this task with ease. Minimum 1 year commitment, may stay on longer if requested.

C) NEXUS Editor- No need to have a journalism background for this position. It requires gathering articles from members and organizing it into a pdf document to send out to PAGH members quarterly. You are free to apply your creativity skills and add any content you feel would be relevant such as a case study or review of a tropical medicine condition. Minimum 1 year commitment, may stay on longer if requested.

D)Student Rep- This is the only leadership position we currently have available for students. It entails managing our social media (facebook and website posts) and being the liaison to student members. You will oversee a task force of students that have expressed interest in helping PAGH stay abreast of global health issues. Minimum 1 year commitment, may stay on until graduation from PA School.

E) Website Editor Assistant- If you have Word Press skills or any general intelligence related to website development then we would greatly appreciate your help! No minimum or maximum commitment for this position.

If you have any interest in any of these positions please don't hesitate to apply. If you aren't voted into that position then you are still welcome to contribute to the success of the organization by staying on as a committee member to assist the position in which you applied for. Just having a larger pool of people getting involved in PAGH will only make us stronger and propel us further for our cause!

To apply simply send in your CV and a one paragraph statement as to why you believe you are a good candidate for the position.

Send in your application to with the subject "Application for PAGH Leadership Position". Deadline is June 1, 2017. Elections will be conducted in June 2017 and announced by July 1, 2017.

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