1. pasforglobalhealth

    The Unite For Sight – Global Health & Innovation Conference

    We warmly invite you to attend the 14th annual Global Health & Innovation Conference at Yale University, New Haven CT on April 22-23, 2017. Presented by Unite For Sight, the Social Entrepreneurship Institute provides mentoring, guidance, and successful strategies for participants to apply to their work in global health, social entrepreneurship, and international development. In addition to unique interactive sessions by leaders in global health and social entrepreneurship, the Institute also includes lunch and dinner networking receptions with the speakers. Space is limited, and we encourage early registration. The Global Health & Innovation Conference (#GHIC) is the world's...
  2. pasforglobalhealth

    Changing Circumstances During International Work by Dr. Paul Dohrenwend

    This is a great lecture titled "Changing Circumstances During International Work" by Dr. Paul Dohrenwend, MD. It was recorded at the 2012 PAGH Global Health Symposium. Dr. Dohrenwend is an Emergency Medicine doctor who shares his experience and passion for global health. In this video Dr. Dohrenwend discusses the "ins and outs" of international medical work. Topics include: Malpractice insurance Transportation Security The acquisition of medications and supplies (CMMB) (MAP.ORG) Overseas accommodation Operating international clinics Connecting patients to services How to deal with the unexpected surprises you are likely to encounter while doing overseas medical work. This...