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PAs for Global Health (PAGH) is a grassroots non-profit organization working to meet the needs of PAs interested in working in medically under served areas around the globe.

There is a tremendous amount of interest in volunteering, global health, and the PA role in the international arena. PAGH was designated by the AAPA to handle many of these issues. We are the only PA organization of this type and are working to organize and centralize the PA profession and support individual PAs in their efforts.

PAGH is a completely volunteer-run and member funded. We can do great things through the power of teamwork!

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Stories From the Field

  1. Jacob Hauptman PA-C (PAGH President)

    Annual PAGH Meeting at AAPA on Sunday, May 24th at 5pm – Talks on Cultural Competency and Nepal!

    The PAGH Annual Meeting will be on Sunday, May 24th, 5:00pm-7:00pm at the San Francisco Marriott Marquis, 5th Level, Sierra B - plan on coming by to hear some great talks and meet the all-volunteer board of PAGH! Ismah Jawed, PA-C, our Healthcare Disparities chair will be giving a talk on cultural competency. After the talk we will be completing...
  2. pasforglobalhealth

    PAGH Student Corner: Haiti Medical Missions Trip

    Can you please come quickly? My brother has just returned from the hospital and is having difficulty breathing!” Night had already fallen in the town of Ranquitte, Haiti, and I was preparing for bed when I overheard one of our translators speak those words. Minutes later I found myself sitting shotgun in an old Toyota 4Runner filled to the brim with...
  3. Jacob Hauptman PA-C (PAGH President)

    An Inexact Science

    The following is by PAGH President Jacob Hampton PA-C and was featured in the Jan/Feb 2015 issue of the Nexus.  Recently the World Health Organization (WHO) acknowledged that as an organization, they underestimated the Ebola outbreak which held West Africa in a tense grip during 2014 and which still continues to be a major source of concern. Although it is...

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Our Purpose:

A global deficit of qualified health care professionals exists.

We are the only PA organization of this type designated by the AAPA working to organize and centralize the PA profession and support individual PA’s in their efforts.

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